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Poster Presentations
August 19, 2009

AEF: School Gardens Program

The School Gardens Program offered materials and information on their program in Rwanda and the Congo. They displayed both pocket and teacher guides on how to create school gardens in the local communities. This USAID program is part of the Africa Education Initiative as well USDA’s FAS (Foreign Agricultural Service). It provides the opportunity to teach both students and teachers about gardening while providing additional nutritional support to students.

Project WET: Impacts and Implementation Strategies of Hands-on Water Education Materials for African Teachers and Students

Project WET Foundation disseminated information on school uses of water, health and sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa. They displayed handouts and manuals in both English and French on their various programs in Africa.

AIR: The Use of Handheld Devices for Data Collection

AIR’s partner Global Relief Technologies displayed its Rapid Data Management System which is being used by AIR to collect data in the field. The system enables researchers to use a handheld device to record and analyze interview data and responses in real time.

Mercy Corps: Youth transformation Framework

Mercy Corps presented materials on the Global Citizen Corps (GCC), a “multi-country youth-to-youth online engagement initiative linking young people in the Middle East with their peers in the U.S. and Scotland.” The program combines on-line discussions, youth-produced media and video exchanges with advocacy to encourage young leaders worldwide to build more secure and productive societies. Also provided were materials on the Mercy Corps developed Youth Transformation Framework (YTF), a conceptualization of the capabilities and opportunities needed by young people as they transition into adulthood.

Women’s Refugee Commission: Market Assessment Toolkit for Vocational Training Providers

Information was provided on WRC’s “Market Assessment Toolkit for Vocational Training Providers and Youth,” a toolkit which provides self-assessments for youth and training tools for matching workforce skills to market needs. Additional information was provided on their Building Livelihoods toolkit, a field manual for practitioners in humanitarian settings.

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Global Relief Technologies Nicaragua AIR : Open

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